On-farm trials. Real-world results. By farmers. For farmers.

RevXFields is a large-scale fungicide trial program with nearly 2,000 corn and soybean farmers participating across the country. These growers are using the newest BASF Plant Health technology: Veltyma™ and Revytek® fungicides in their own fields and sharing the results. So you can see the difference a BASF fungicide made on a farm in your area.

Not just another fungicide demo.

The real world works differently from trials performed in perfect environmental conditions at only certain stages of growth. The realities of life never affect those trials, so how much trust can you put in their results? It begged the question: How can we share indisputable data that farmers everywhere can rely on? The answer is RevX Fields. RevX Fields was developed to show real-world results from real growers like you – not just on farms with different soil types and environmental conditions that don’t apply to you, but on local farms right in your area. That way, you can see a transparent, comprehensive view of how fungicides are controlling disease and improving Plant Health on farms just like your own, from application through harvest.

When your crops stress less, so can you.

Not just about preventing disease, BASF Plant Health is about strengthening the overall health of your crop. Without the distraction of disease and environmental stress your crops can focus fully on producing yield. They’re the only products proven to pay off at harvest.

How BASF Plant Health Works:

When crops experience stress (from environment or disease), ethylene is produced

BASF Plant Health products reduce ethylene levels in the plant and keep stomata functioning normally, essentially allowing the plant to "breathe" and "sweat"

 This results in a cooler crop canopy and healthier fields

Bottom line: You see the BASF difference, with higher yields and better return

See it to believe it.

Though you can’t often see fungicides working with the naked eye (diseases start robbing yield from your crops BEFORE symptoms are visible on the leaf), NDVI imagery and heat-mapping show you how vital they truly are. They prove a higher level of performance during the entire season, not just at harvest.

Revytek vs Quadris Top
Veltyma vs Untreated

One thing is certain, in years with low disease pressure BASF Plant Health still improves the productivity of crops, increasing yield. And in years with significant foliar disease pressure, BASF Plant Health is absolutely critical. You have nothing to lose, and only yields to gain.

Still not a believer? Don’t just take our word for it.

Veltyma had an 11.5 bu./acre difference in our corn and within a week, Plant Health imagery started showing the difference that we ultimately saw at harvest.

Levi, Nebraska

We saw a 10 bu./acre difference in the Revytek acres. I didn’t see the difference, but remote sensing and the combine monitor showed it where it counted.

Jim B., Illinois

Revytek gave us a 4-6 bu./acre yield increase. It may not sound like a lot but it can be the difference between break even and profit


Bob W., Illinois